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Data connection for voice traffic could not be simpler with SIP Trunking, which mitigates the need of ISDN lines and PSTN gateways. The process of connection is simplified, making it easier and cheaper whilst facilitating growth of the business with ease.

High Availability

The resilience of our network infrastructure ensures that there is no single point of failure that will effect call operation. Our network exists at a number of independent locations, each redundantly connected, with the capabilities to maintain system operation should another have an issue. We define your numbers in software, this enables them to exist virtually in all locations simultaneously. Forget “failover” with this approach all sites are active. All, The. Time.

Trunk Capacity Optimisation

Whilst SIP Channels are provided according to requirements (recommended as a ratio to fleet size of 10:1) our solution provides the ability to burst to any number of concurrent calls inbound or outbound on demand, as frequently as required. Essentially no customer needs ever to hear a busy tone again. Ever. Forget about “allocating capacity to trunks” with the ability to burst all your call types: in/out/callback/D2C etc have the capacity they need.

Disaster Recovery

Technical superiority is at our core and we ensure all angles are covered. We provide our Clear Skies hosted voice platform as backup to your primary phone system e.g. DiSC that we interface with. In the event of a catastrophic failure of your primary system calls are seamlessly redirected to our platform and to be answered by your agents, thereby maintaining business continuity.