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Management Information

Your voice calls are managed on our browser-based portal, known as Jarvis. It offers one place to set-up manage and analyse your voice system at the touch of your fingertips, so you can make any changes or check any statistics you need at any time of the day.

User Dashboard

The portal’s dashboard allows you to quickly and easily view real time call statistics from across your taxi services network, including revealing details of the location of calls, number of outbound and incoming and calls in progress at any one time. It’s designed so information can be accessed quickly and easily.

Onboarding Process

Jarvis seamlessly guides you through the onboarding process, allowing you to register your company, provide role based access to those in your team.  The migration process with can easily be tracked on Jarvis with full transparency provided each step of the way.

Number Porting

The online portal streamlines number porting to just a few simple steps, leaving the rest to us. Customers are often concerned that calls will be missed over the period in which numbers are being reported, this is not the case. All porting is requested through the portal and is carried out by our dedicated team, all trackable at every stage through the Jarvis.


Easily create, view and export real time or historical reports on call statistics and information over any defined period as required.  Management Information can be generated on all ket metrics including: costs, quantities and duration of calls which can be readily available at your finger-tips for analysis as and when you need it allowing data driven decisions to be made.