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Operating everywhere and leveraging the full power of the Clear Skies Platform requires great connectivity, that’s why we have built the Addooco Grid which provides custom made connectivity options for your business. This is the foundation upon which the entire Clear Skies range of products are accessed quickly and securely.

Addooco Connectivity Grid

From ultra-fast dedicated fibre leased line and super-fast fibre broadband for major sites, to 4G or temporary connections for satellite offices, Addooco have the correct connectivity solution for your business. Expect questions – How many users? What will they be doing? What type of traffic do you generate? What are your future plans? Connectivity is a foundation of a high-quality ICT solution in today’s world and understanding the full picture relating to its usage is key. We have designed the Addooco grid with careful consideration surrounding core network design and carrier partners, whether your business need private links, public internet access or both, Addooco is well equipped.

Traffic Management

Not all connections are created equal. Here at Addooco we fundamentally understand that different connections within a business estate are going to be used for different purposes. Indeed, sometimes different portions of bandwidth need to be segregated within a single connection to protect and reserve capacity for specific purposes. Addooco ensures that not only are there private links available from site to our Clear Skies Platform but, will also connect you to the public internet and telephone network with minimal network hops.

Instant Access Anywhere

Following years of experience in delivering end to end solutions to our clients, Addooco have the capability to do some clever things with our connectivity! Combining the right connection, servers, software and devices ensures an instant connection to systems along with a slick and smooth user experience. Not only do we combine best of breed technologies to deliver a superior user experience when working in the office, but also when working remotely. Just let us apply our sprinkle of magic to your business and notice the increase in productivity!

Connecting Overseas

Because our Clear Skies cloud primarily resides within the world-class data centre, Telehouse North, we are extremely well connected. Telehouse North is UK based and home to the London Internet Exchange, it incorporates over 100 carriers including various major international carriers. This means that we can connect overseas users and sites in to Clear Skies with ease, and also minimise international network hops and network latency. This provides our clients with a consistent user experience regardless of where in the world they are working.

Temporary Networks

Regardless of the nature of your satellite office Addooco has the right connection for you. From temporary fixed broadband connections to 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and MiFi solutions, there are plenty of options available and Addooco will need a little detail – How many users, full and part- time, the geography of the site and system access requirements for example. A blended approach across different technology types is often the best way to deliver connectivity to remote sites and Addoco will determine the best fit for you.