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Professional Services

Adoooco love to get creative, we are innovative and relish a challenge which is why we have been able to design award winning bespoke solutions for our clients. Our team love to keep a firm arm around you sharing knowledge, advice and best practice – all delivered in plain English.

Bespoke Projects

One of Addooco’s main strengths is in our innovation – we relish a challenge. If you need to achieve a business goal through technology, but don’t know where to start, then you should know that our team has a strong track record of delivering award-winning bespoke technology solutions. Through the creative use of IT Cloud & Communications technologies, combined with our consultative approach and jargon-free language skills, our team will go the extra mile to help your business achieve its goals, no matter how challenging is might seem.

IT Directorship

A perfect enhancement to the Addooco portfolio is our outsourced ICT Directorship service. Addooco has the skills, experience and business knowledge to provide your organization with a cost-effective way to devise and implement its phased technology improvement roadmap. At a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT Director, our senior consultants will sit down with your business and look at your goals and budgets in order to present proposals to take you forward, at a pace that is comfortable to you, in to the future of work.

IT Support

It probably goes without saying that Addooco IT Support perfectly complements our core products and services. We offer a range of tiered support options with transparent SLA’s because we understand that great communication is key to a healthy partnership. Much of the best IT support is often invisible to the end user, Addooco’s approach is strongly focussed around the constant monitoring of equipment and systems. Pre-empting issues and nipping them in the bud quietly in the background is highly preferable to have to fix something once it is broken and out of action. So, if you feel you don’t have to contact us very much, don’t worry – a quiet life in regard to technology is exactly what were paid to provide you with!