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Edinburgh City Private Hire

The Issue

With our previous provider we had ongoing issues for 6-8 months, we didn’t feel we were getting particularly good value for money and received exceptionally poor customer service, even though we were being told that we were a ‘Premier Service Customer’ which meant we were meant to get quicker responses.

The issue was our provider was a large business and our requests were lost along the way and was being dealt with properly. They didn’t value our business and that was evident with constantly increasing bills, poor renewal offers, and, in some instances, we’d been auto renewed without any knowledge or being able to compare pricing.

The Solution

We were recommended to look into switching providers from a reputable iCabbi figure. It was refreshing to speak with Richard (Addooco’s Managing Director) and he was a delight to deal with. You could see the enthusiasm he had to provide us with a service, and this was one of the key factors we decided to work with Addooco.

The transition was easy and pain free. We alerted our previous provider that we were going to provide full access to our account and Addooco took care of it from there. I got the occasional ticket from the team when we were required to provide information but other than I didn’t have to do much, the team really looked after us.

I love how straight forward and simple it is with Addooco, we’ve never really had any issues, but I know if I ring up, I can get through to someone that will assist, something that just wasn’t possible with our other provider. Even better is the confidence I have that if I am out the office then our staff could easily call them, and the issue would get sorted without needing me to get involved.

As a taxi company we rely on our phone systems, Addooco understand that and solve situations and problems a lot quicker. Addooco couldn’t be a better fit.

We also use our broadband with Addooco and plan to have them look after more of our IT moving forward. Having everything covered by one provider just makes it simple, we only require one number if a problem arises.

We’ve had no issues or reason to complain and I’m the type of person that would be straight on the phone or emailing if there was a problem.

When we first switched, there was a slight problem with a few calls dropping out, we weren’t even aware of it but Addooco rang us to highlight the issue as it had flagged on their system, fixed it and then provided us with feedback so we understood what had happened.

The service we receive is great, I’d never give anything a 10 but for their all-round package, I’d definitely give a 9.

Phil Willis – Fleet Manager at Edinburgh City Private Hire

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